Spottie: The World’s First Real-Life, Face-to-Face Interactive Mobile Game

Where Winning is Much More Than Just a High Score 

Spottie: a free mobile application played in real-time with real people. In this interactive game participants have the ability to fully customize who they can play with. After setting game preferences, users are allowed a...


Spottie, a New Social Game Application That Encourages Face-to-Face Interaction!

Ever been in a public setting only to look around and everyone has their heads down, engaging mostly in their mobile devices, seldomly glancing up for just a second? No one is talking to each other, and if they are, they are only half-way paying attention to the conversation and focusing mostly on what’s on the screen instead? What if we could...

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Spottie is all about developing new connections. This social networking app is fun and simple to use.

Play to meet people around you!

Spot players with hints!

Win rewards and make new friends!


Spottie App Features

1. Login with username & password and social media accounts
2. Signup process with phone number verification
3. Phone Number verification
4. User Emoji selection
5. User Avatar selection
6. User startup questions
7. Add your profile questions
8. Edit your profile...

Game Rules

Point allocation for finder and findee: 

  1. User will have 60,000 points at the start of the game with a duration of 10 minutes
  2. 100 Points will be reduced each second
  3. Findee will receive half the points of the finder at the end of a successful...