May 2018

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Looking for Someone to Share a Casual Evening with Glass of Wine

As a 42-year-old divorcee making new friends has become more difficult as I've gotten older. No matter what stage in life you’re in, no one ever wants to be alone. It’s human nature to surround ourselves with people who care for us. After my divorce not only did she take all the furniture, she also took all of our friends. I find myself lost when it comes to making new connections, it seems like when I was younger it was much less complicated.

Sparking up a conversation was a lot easier because we didn’t have cellphones to hide behind. Now (if you) we walk into a bar and everyone is looking down at their phone, making it impossible to make any eye contact that lets you know that you’re welcome to approach them. This can make talking to new people very intimidating. In our modern world, apps are all the rage, but what is often missing is interpersonal face-to-face interactions. Whether you are seeking someone to have a casual glass of wine or maybe a long-term friendship, I have found that Spottie can help.

Spottie is a social game designed to put you face-to-face with people in the surrounding area. This application is a fun way to meet new people anywhere without it feeling awkward. If you meet through Spottie you already know you have two things in common; you both like the place you’re at & you’re both looking to make more friends. The longer I played Spottie the more comfortable I got starting conversations.

After downloading Spottie, sign up with a few questions followed by checking into your location. Then use the hints that are given to you and try to spot them within the given 10 minutes, the faster you find them the more points you both will receive.

Once you find them, scan their QR code and strike up a conversation! Now this is where it got interesting for me, you have the option of requesting that person as a friend and if you are interested you are able to buy their profile that tell you more about that person. Not only have I made new friends I’ve also found that Spottie is great for networking. This application is about to change the way the younger generations interact with each other. With Spottie, finding new friends is as simple as playing a fun, interactive mobile game and seeing where it leads you!

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