May 2018

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Meeting New People at Your Usual Bar

It’s Friday and you’re at your usual bar with your usual friends, the drinks are cold, and life is good, but the conversation is the same as it was last Friday. You look around and realize that maybe your social life is stuck in a rut. You are having a good time but just imagine how refreshing it would be to add new friends to the party! Even if you’ve been somewhere a thousand times, chances are you haven’t met everyone there. Try branching out using Spottie and see if you can meet some new people at your favorite, local hangout! New friends would bring new conversations and new experiences into your already established circle of friends. With Spottie, you don't need to go somewhere else to start meeting more people. Just follow Spottie’s motto: “Play! Spot! Win!”and you’re sure to make new friends in no time!

As a social game comparable to “Guess Who” and “Where’s Waldo”, Spottie gives users descriptive clues about other real players and then rewards you for finding them! Whether you’re finding or being found, Spottie encourages players to meet new people and make genuine, real-life connections with others while having fun! Download the Spottie App and start meeting new people right away! Spottie is not like any other game out there, it doesn't keep you behind a screen and actually encourages you to initiate face-to-face interactions with other real-life players. The more you play Spottie, the more comfortable you become talking to new people and in no time you will be making tons of new friends!

Spottie has numerous built-in features that make it easy to interact and stay in contact with other players! From in-app texting, calling and video-chatting to camera filters and in-app gifts, Spottie has it all! Use the perfect camera filter to personalize your Spottie profile and if you spot someone interesting you would like to know more about, you always have the option to purchase their profile!

With Spottie it doesn’t matter where you’re playing, you always have an opportunity to make new friends!

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