Jul 2018

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From the Past to the Present with Spottie!

People claim they want relationships like our grandparents had. But they did not have the technology that we have today. Our grandparents were limited to their local communities. Communities where everyone knew each other, and therefore disrespect or unkindness was rare. When things didn’t go well with their significant other, they had no choice but to work through the issues. Nowadays the next person is a swipe and message away.

We live in a generation where we treat people as if they were disposable. We throw a whole person away instead of working through the problems. We have become a culture of short meaningless relationships because it has become so easy to replace our significant others through dating apps, unlike before there was social media. We complain that our hearts are filled with emptiness and try to fill in that void by talking to as many people as possible never allowing ourselves to fall in love.

Because of social media, we have goals of unobtainable looks that lower most people’s self-esteem. These images make people feel as if they aren’t good enough. Most of us don’t post about our bad days giving the perception of perfection in our lives. Making others feel less.

The confidence and kindness we have online most of the time does not reflect in our character in person. Let us change this BY being kind and accepting of one another, by practicing tolerance and remembering the feeling of being loved. Here at Spottie headquarters, we are rooting for every single one of you to make connections that have meaning. We remind you to be courteous and to play our game responsibly.

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