Apr 2018

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Spottie! Your New Social Application!

Ever thought of exploring a new place and meeting new people on the go? Then, Spottie is the social app for you! You can earn rewards simply by playing the fun & creative game in order to get yourself connected with new and interesting people.

The following are five simple ways to get the full user-experience of Spottie's fun and interesting game: 
  • Step one: Simply download the free Spottie app. 
  • Step two: Register yourself for the best Spottie experience possible.
  • Step three: Edit your profile with your personal details and select an avatar or emoji to identify yourself on Spottie.
  • Step four: Start exploring your favorite places like malls, concerts or restaurants, you will be required to check-in to begin Spotting or to be Spotted by other users.
  • Step five: You as a 'spotter' can begin searching for other players using the hints that pop up within a 10-minute time frame.
Hints describe the players physical appearance and can help you to Spot other players. Upon finding or being found, users will scan the other players QR code.  Spotting within the required time earns you and the other player points.

With Spottie, you can make new friends and win rewards anywhere and everywhere you go! Quack the case! Solve the mystery! Let Spottie connect you!

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