Spottie App Features

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1. Login with username & password and social media accounts
2. Signup process with phone number verification
3. Phone Number verification
4. User Emoji selection
5. User Avatar selection
6. User startup questions
7. Add your profile questions
8. Edit your profile questions
9. Check-in from user
10. Nearby location of user
11. Display duck if existing user checks-in
12. Notify other user for new game play
13. Spottie duck animation
14. Accept request to play game
15. Answer your daily questions
16. 10 Minute timer for Finder
17. 10 Minute timer for Findee
18. Hints every minute
19. Step counter to track distance
20. Warning will appear if finder goes out of range
21. Option to buy all hints
22. Running out of Time alert
23. Purchase an extra 2 minutes for 5 coins
24. Scan QR code after finding findee
25. Finder will get reward after scanning QR code
26. Findee will receive half the amount of points as the finder
27. Add friends after finder locates findee
28. Findee can view list of Finders
29. Findee can accept or reject your game request
30. Buy friends profile for $ 0.99
31. View who has purchased your profile
32. Finder who wins a game will appear in green
33. List view and grid view of friends list
34. View friends' profiles
35. In-App messaging
36. In-App calling
37. Send gifts to your friends
38. Upload Photos in your gallery
39. Camera filters
40. View your stats for spottie
41. Share Spottie app on social media
42. Badges
43. Edit Profile Privacy
44. Update Phone number
45. Change Password
46. New life added 30 minutes after losing a life
47. Cash to Coins (Conversion)
48. Coin to Life (Conversion) 20 coins = 1 life

Contact Information

Name: Iinsha, LLC

phone: +1 (855) 546-7422

email: customerservice@iinshaapps.com

Website: https://www.spottie.com