Spottie: The World’s First Real-Life, Face-to-Face Interactive Mobile Game


Where Winning is Much More Than Just a High Score 

Spottie: a free mobile application played in real-time with real people. In this interactive game participants have the ability to fully customize who they can play with. After setting game preferences, users are allowed a ten-minute time-frame to find other players. They will then receive one hint every sixty seconds describing someone’s appearance and daily attire. As hints appear, players get closer to winning by eliminating those that do not match the descriptions being provided. Once a person is thought to be found, they will then be prompted to scan the Spottie QR code. The faster the other person is found, the more points each player receives.

When playing Spottie, there are more ways to win than one! In addition to the endless possibilities that could come from meeting so many new people, Spottie players are being given an opportunity to win $500,000 throughout all of 2019. Winning cash is achieved by simply finding and being found by other players. Winners are then determined by a combination of how many people they find and how many times they are found by other Spottie users. The player with the highest combined totals each month wins! And that’s not all, the top player of the whole year will be the lucky recipient of $100,000!

Opportunities such as enhanced socialization, new friendships, a larger network, and cash prizes? Imagine what else Spottie can do for you and your community!
Brought to you by IINSHA, LLC a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. For more information please visit www.spottie.com, follow us on www.facebook.com/SpottieTheApp or contact us at customerservice@iinshaapps.com.

We encourage everyone to join us in our mission to bring people together, face-to-face one game at a time.

Get Spottie! Get Discovered! Get Connected!

Available for FREE on iOS and Android.

Contact Information

Name: Iinsha, LLC

phone: +1 (855) 546-7422

email: customerservice@iinshaapps.com

Website: https://www.spottie.com